Brake Pads

High-quality brake pads for high-performance braking

High-quality brake pads for high-performance braking

As a dealer, you want to offer brake pads in true premium quality to your workshop customers. And as a workshop, you want to fit brake pads which are safe, fit perfectly and are easy to install ‒ regardless of which car you're working on at the time. We, on the other hand, want our brake pads to be well accepted by all: by the trade, by the workshop and by the driver. Here at GALFER we've therefore developed brake pads to suit all requirements.

Technology brings perfection

GALFER brake pads are produced in Europe's most modern lining factory. Their sophisticated mixture of materials guarantees optimum friction characteristics, while our brake pads are run-in during production. This ensures that they provide full braking power right from the very start ‒ even when the brakes get hot on a long downhill stretch. If however a product liability situation should arise, our items can be easily traced.

Much better than required

The statutory requirements for brake pads are stringent: according to the European ECE-R90 directive, replacement pads may differ from the original pads by no more than +/- 15 %. But at GALFER, we're even more stringent: we test all our products in accordance with the OE standard for original equipment manufacturers. Our brake pads therefore satisfy even the highest safety standards.


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