GALFER – a win every time

Premium brakes at an attractive price

Premium brakes at an attractive price

GALFER brakes are chock-full of "stopping power" in two ways: they provide the outstanding performance of a true premium brake, and they make an immediate impression with attractive prices. Gain a lead with GALFER in the race for better quality and more customer satisfaction.

Forging ahead with automobile brakes

You may be wondering how we achieve premium quality on the road. The answer is quite simple: with twin-track expertise. We've long been a sought-after supplier of original equipment for the automobile industry ‒ and Continental has been one of the leading companies in the aftermarket segment for many decades. Together we're now making the GALFER brand, which has long been established in the OE sector, available to businesses and workshops. And in doing so we're providing a range which perfectly matches your requirements.

Into the future with the brakes off

A good product is one thing; good service is another. To provide the best possible support for you and your business, we deliver our comprehensive product range as quickly as you need it ‒ thanks to efficient and smoothly operating logistics. What's more, our wealth of information will set you up ideally for the future. Take off with GALFER premium brakes at a low price ‒ and leave the competition standing.


GALFER advantages at a glance

  • excellent product and service quality with outstanding benefits
  • decades of combined OE and after-sales expertise
  • wide product range for many vehicle makes and models
  • business-oriented services