Brake Disks

GALFER – and everything runs smoothly

High-carbon brake disks for long life

GALFER brake disks provide optimum braking performance throughout their life. This is because we choose the material carefully and process it even more carefully. At the end of the day, we want your customers to be highly satisfied with our products. And we want them to get an all-round good feeling from fitting GALFER brake disks.

No tolerance for quality defects

GALFER takes quality very seriously, especially where its brake disks are concerned, and allows only the smallest tolerances for disk runout and for thickness variation.

The tolerances for the centering holes are also so tight that out-of-balance and radial runout are almost non-existent. That has agreeable consequences for anyone who uses GALFER brake disks: suspension and wheel bearings are protected, and brake judder and noise are minimized.

Fast fitting thanks to supplied fixing bolts

In a workshop, time is of the essence and every minute counts, so for some models, we supply the fixing bolts for GALFER brake disks to suit the particular vehicle model ‒ and of course at no extra cost. What's more, GALFER fixing bolts always have an extra coating to give them the same long life as our brake disks.


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